Glassdoor - They dont follow their own rules

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I agree with the other post. they are absolutely ridiculous, the company I work for had a complaint that they do not pay employees.

Company is around for 5 years, I'm pretty sure they would be shut down by know if that was the case. But glass door super smart board of people who check if posts states the truth or not found that to be true. LOL! again very smart group of people.

I was curious to check what was said about glassdoor on glassdoor - and Imagine that only good reviews, all those smart people there got no complaints at all. Best company to work for, so I can't wait 5 years down the road to see that company as another thing of the past. Don't waste your money or time glassdoor

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This previous review is outrageously fake. The poster is clearly the business owner or upper management and you can tell by the the tone of the review alone.

Glassdoor - They do not abide by their own guidelines...


We are a rapidly growing organization that prides ourself in having extremely high standards but we offer a great compensation plan. So, with that being said you can imagine the number of applicants we recieve. Of course we get a few negative posts and those that could be true we address it with the interviewers, make adjustments, etc... However, there have been two posts that were completely untrue. Per the instruction of our Glassdoor "partners" we flagged them and yet they remained posted. So we called, emailed, called, emailed, on and on and finally Bobby (the 2nd level of elevation) called us back. From our PR Specialist, "I am in utter shock following my conversation with Bobby". Below is a full review of the conversation.

Interview Post synopsis: It seems that Glassdoor deems anything worthy in the interview process postings and there are essentially no guidelines for which they follow. Bobby stated that so long as the person went through the interview process that their feedback is worthy of meeting their guidelines. He went on to say that this post reading, “Do not waste your time with this company” x5 in all caps, is not a rant and said this individual stayed calm. I pointed out how the poster did not stay balanced, as is stated in the guidelines, at which his response was that clause only holds true under the company review portion (however, it does not state that anywhere on the guidelines). He continued to justify it by saying others expressed the same concerns in previous posts; however, they did not call it a scam or continue by spreading a malicious rumor. This is a defamatory statement that is damaging to the reputation of the company.

Review Post synopsis: He reached out to the person who posted the review and said that because they once worked at our company he sees no reason they would post falsified information. (This makes sense because people who leave or are terminated from companies always tell the truth and they are 100% unbiased in their opinions). I pointed out that the claim was untrue; he said that the individual must have meant to say something else. But they didn’t post that statement! I asked Bobby to have that portion taken down and he said it met their guidelines.

Conclusion: The Glassdoor team clearly has their agenda and no matter what guidelines are broken the decision to keep or remove posts is simply subjective and they see no value in data integrity or customer service as we had to call and email numerous times!

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I found Glassdoor's research about internship salaries fascinating, so I created something for interns to post their internship experiences. You can check it out over here:!/1


We also had the exact same issue with Glassdoor. Glassdoor reviews are we have found about our companies false and defamatory, made up by disgruntled ex-employees bound on revenge. Bobby Niers of Glassdoor ignored his own guidelines and refused to remove posts which are clearly a rant.

Glassdoor and Bobby Niers need to review their terms in my opinion as they do not always follow them.

Glassdoor reviews are a poor example of what could be a great site.

Glassdoor removes negative posts for companies

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Don't bother believing that Glassdoor is a neutral website. I have seen time after time negative posts from employees and past employees get removed.

To test this theory, I created a fake account and posted a negative listing on my own company and then called glassdoor to have it removed. I stated it was merely a disgruntled exemployee who was merely trying to slander our name.

It was removed in less than 24 hours. I cannot see where a site that allows reviews to be able to sway reviews to shed companies in an unfair light.

This is a scam as far as I am concerned if they do not allow employees or exemployees voice their feelings toward an employer. This creaates a false review for those who are potentially looking for employment.


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I also know of company owners who post positive reviews on themselves, using the same I.P. address and Glassdoor has not questioned this.

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I have seen the same thing with Honeywell posts.they protect certain companies without even a phone call.

I watch smeone put is 100% facts and glassdoor rejected was factual day to day activities of the company that i caould atest to seign happen and glassdoor would nto publish it so others could see the truth.

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